Originally Published in the SacCity Express: view original article
March 1, 2012

by Matt M. Joye | Staff Writer

 Los Rios Community College Board Trustee Shaine Johnson called for the resignation of Student Senate President Kevin Kayhanian on Feb. 24 at the Student Associated Council board meeting in the City College Cafe.

Johnson cited the “disorder and a lack of progress on the issues that matter most to… students” as reasons for asking Kayhanian to resign immediately. “The [SAC] you are leading is in disarray,” Johnson said.

The request for Kayhanian to resign came during the public comment section of the meeting and was followed by additional criticism from two past student government officials.

At the previous SAC meeting Feb. 15, Senate President Pro Temp Leedel Williams called for a vote to remove Kayhanian from office, which did not pass.

“Never in my life have I seen a board as dysfunctional as this, and it speaks, Mr. President, to your leadership,” said former Associated Student Government President LaToya Daniels.

ASG was the previous name of the current SAC.

Black Student Union President Nyelah Jefferson was unable to attend, but she sent a letter addressed to the board expressing her “full support” of Kayhanian, as read by Secretary of Sustainability Michael Viscuso, during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Moments before Johnson’s and Daniels’ public comments a brief recess was called, as Kayhanian and Certified Parliamentarian Donna Ward discussed the proper way to move forward. An agreement was reached by the board not to take any action at the meeting.

“This is not an item that can be discussed at this meeting,” responded Kayhanian to Johnson’s request.

In an independent critique, former student Senator Marlin Lara chastised the SAC board for its lack of transparency.

“Minutes [have not been] updated since October, agendas… I can’t find them. It almost feels like whatever stays in here doesn’t go out to the public,” Lara said. “It’s outright unfair to the students.”

Minutes are the recorded notes that document the SAC board’s actions and discussions during their public meetings.

The SAC board was unable to move forward on the action items because the official agenda was not posted 72 hours before the meeting, according to Ward, who noted that this was a violation of the Ralph M. Brown Act, a California law governing procedures of public meetings.

Postponed action items include approval of funding for the March in March, the approval of up to six more senators to attend the California General Assembly (at a cost of $1,000 per student), Legislative Affairs Secretary Angela Miller’s proposal to give the students on the SAC Executive Board access to faculty parking passes, and letterman’s jackets for SAC members.

The call for Kayhanian’s resignation remains unresolved, but a petition was being circulated to City College students by several SAC members demanding that Kayhanian step down.


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